The issue of cannabis legalization is a hot topic in many countries. The “Groupe du Vendredi” has taken up this question and in a report called “Cannaconomics” has examined the financial impact of a possible legalization in Belgium.

Three possible policy scenarios:

  1. Decriminalization of consumption: This decriminalizes the consumption of cannabis, but the sale and production remain illegal. This scenario would lead to an increase in health care costs of 14.1 million euros, but justice and police costs could be reduced by 56.9 million euros. The result would be a cost savings of 42.8 million euros for the state.
  2. Legalization with state monopoly: Under this option, the state would control the production of cannabis, distribute licenses, and set the retail price. This model would have two main benefits: significant cost savings for the police and judiciary and additional tax revenues of over 40 million euros per year. In total, the state could thus generate 144.6 million euros.
  3. Legalization with a free market: Here, the market for the purchase and sale of cannabis would be free and competitive. This scenario would be less financially advantageous for the state, as despite new tax revenues and reduced security costs, the state’s profit would fall to 78.4 million euros due to falling sales prices and rising user numbers.


The legalization of cannabis has not only health and social implications, but also significant financial consequences. While decriminalization may result in cost savings, a state monopoly on cannabis sales offers the greatest financial potential for the state. However, it is important to consider all aspects of the available policy options and to interpret the results with caution.

Think about it:

  1. Besides the financial aspects, what could be the social impact of legalizing cannabis?
  2. How could the additional revenue from legalization best be used for the common good?
  3. What further studies or data would be needed to make an informed decision about cannabis legalization?


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