Hello dear readers! Today I want to talk about an exciting study sponsored by Little Green Pharma (LGP) that shows how medical cannabis can improve the lives of many people.

The QUEST Initiative: A groundbreaking project

The LGP-sponsored study, known as the QUEST initiative, found that medical cannabis significantly improves pain, quality of life and fatigue. This initiative is a world-leading longitudinal clinical trial.

A look at the participants

The study included 2,327 Australian patients aged 18 to 97 years. After only three months, these patients showed significant improvements in their quality of life. Interestingly, the University of Sydney led the study and LGP exclusively provided medical cannabis products to the patients.

Results that give hope

Participants reported significant improvements in chronic pain, sleep problems, and moderate to severe anxiety and depression. Even more impressive, patients tested for sleep disturbances showed no change after the three-month period, but showed strong signs of statistical improvement in their feelings of fatigue.

Words from inside LGP

Dr. Leon Warne, LGP’s director of research and innovation, was very positive about the results. He emphasized that these initial results are very encouraging and show significant improvements in health-related quality of life and fatigue scores.

What’s next?

The company is currently analyzing the 12-month results of the study to see how these effects play out over the long term. Based on these recent findings, a global QUEST initiative was launched to determine the health and economic impact of medical cannabis on quality of life.

Stock update

At the time of the article, LGP shares were last trading at 18.5 cents.

I hope this article has given you some insight into the exciting world of medical cannabis and its potential benefits. Stay healthy and informed!

Source: https://themarketherald.com.au/little-green-pharma-asxlgp-sponsored-study-shows-medicinal-cannabis-enhances-quality-of-life-2023-09-07/

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