Hello dear readers! Today I want to talk about a fascinating study that was recently conducted in Sydney, Australia. This study has produced amazing results about the benefits of herbal cannabis extracts for patients with chronic illnesses.

Background of the study

Australian researchers examined the effectiveness of cannabinoid extracts in a group of over 2,300 patients who were eligible to use medical cannabis. Interestingly, doctors in Australia are allowed to prescribe cannabis products for patients who do not respond to traditional prescription treatments.

Main results

The study showed that the use of cannabis extracts led to significant improvements in health-related quality of life for patients suffering from pain, fatigue and other chronic conditions. After just three months of treatment with extracts containing varying percentages of THC and CBD, researchers reported clinically meaningful improvements.

Deeper insights

  • Overall health-related quality of life improved over 3 months in patients receiving prescribed medical cannabis in Australia.
  • Both statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in overall health-related quality of life and fatigue were found in people with chronic health conditions.
  • Similar improvements were seen in pain scores for participants with chronic pain, in depression scores for patients with depression, and in anxiety scores for patients with anxiety.

Conclusion of the researchers

The results suggest that prescribing medical cannabis in clinical practice can reduce symptoms of pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression in patients with chronic health conditions and improve overall health-related quality of life. These findings contribute to ongoing evidence for decision-making both in clinical practice and at the policy level.

I hope this article has given you some insight into the promising benefits of cannabis extracts for patients with chronic illnesses. Until next time, stay healthy and informed!

Source: https://norml.org/news/2023/09/14/study-cannabis-oil-extracts-associated-with-sustained-improvements-in-patients-with-chronic-health-conditions/?link_id=4&can_id=727ca046d598a3ab89b24b1212ca3bc2&source=email-norml-news-of-the-week-9142023&email_referrer=email_2045059&email_subject=norml-news-of-the-week-9142023

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