Hello! Today I would like to present you the exciting results of the Frankfurt Cannabis Study. This study has made headlines in the past, and now the results are finally in. This study has made headlines in the past, and now the results are finally in.

Cannabis legalization in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is facing possible cannabis legalization, and the city has already expressed interest in applying to become a model region. Dr. Artur Schroers, the head of the city’s drug department, emphasizes that regardless of the actual implementation, such a change will have an impact on a major city like Frankfurt.

What do the people of Frankfurt think?

The study was designed to collect robust data on the attitudes and expectations of the urban population on the topic of cannabis. And here are some of the most interesting results:

  • Positive attitude: 65.8% of respondents are in favor of controlled dispensing of cannabis for consumption by adults. Interestingly, agreement is slightly higher among men than among women.
  • Education and opinion: 56.1% of people without a high school diploma or with a lower secondary school diploma are in favor of legalization, compared to 70.1% of people with a high school diploma.
  • Age differences: among 25- to 34-year-olds, about three out of four respondents favor legalization, compared with just over half of 65- to 79-year-olds.

No “dam break” scenario in sight

A common concern is that legalization could lead to a massive increase in use. However, the study shows that three out of four respondents would not change their consumption behavior. 61% would not use even after legalization, while 11.7% would maintain their current use.

Some challenges

Despite the largely positive attitude toward legalization, there are also challenges. For example, help services for cannabis users need to be made better known, as Dr. Schroers points out.

Final thoughts

The Frankfurt Cannabis Study offers a deep insight into the attitudes and expectations of the population regarding the possible legalization of cannabis. It remains exciting to see how things will develop in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog article. What do you think about the results? Share your thoughts with me!

Source: https://www.fnp.de/frankfurt/ergebnisse-von-frankfurter-cannabis-studie-sind-da-dammbruch-szenario-wohl-unwahrscheinlich-92503347.html

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