Aktimed CBD Tape Pro


  • Physio Tape with synthetic CBD solution
  • waterproof
  • skin friendly
  • without latex, silicones, fragrances and dyes

Aktimed’s soft Kinesiology Tape Pro is a skin-friendly tape with a unique adhesive profile.

Aktimed’s latex-free adhesive contains a 10% cannabidiol solution of synthetic origin that is absolutely THC-free and has been rated as very skin-friendly.

The thin tape with CBD is applied to the skin according to instructions and provides protection and stability to a sore joint or muscle, while not hindering mobility. The skin is gently massaged in the process. Since Aktimed Tape Pro is waterproof, you can bathe, shower or swim with it without worry.

Taping is very popular as a complementary treatment method among physiotherapists and in the sports field.

Aktimed Pro Tape is available in 3 colours.

According to kinesiology colour theory, the red tape has a warming effect, while the blue one is more soothing and cooling. The black tape, on the other hand, has a neutral effect in this regard.

Ingredients: 95% cotton, 5% spandex, synthetic rubber adhesive with 10% CBD solution.

Suitable for vegans.

Application: Shorten the tape accordingly, remove grease from the affected skin area for better hold. Then fix the tape with or without stretching.

Delivery time:Ready for immediate shipment, delivery time 1-3 days.

Weight 75 g


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